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EQ Essentials

Achieving your full potential as a leader is centered on the mastery of four core areas: 1) Self-Awareness; 2) Self-Management; 3) Social Awareness; and 4) Relationship Management.

Inforum’s EQ Essentials program is for all genders on understanding the importance of emotional intelligence in being an effective leader leveraging a variety of strategies specific to one’s own EQ.

Target Participant: Early Career, Mid Career

Course Starts: February 2
Applications Due: January 26

Executive Leadership

Emotional Intelligence is the foundation of effective leadership. Participants in this program gain increased self-awareness in emotional and social intelligence, leadership behaviors, relationship building, and working effectively with others in order to drive organizational results.

Target Participant: Mid Career

Course Starts: February 14
Applications Due: February 1

Genuine Leadership Presence

The idea of presence goes beyond technical skills and leadership competencies. It’s about knowing how to leverage the power of reputation and perception – and be seen as a leader by others. Wielding influence takes more than just a job title – it requires the ability to show up and be heard.

Genuine Leadership Presence™ is a research-based program that links the mastery of authentic presence within the context of a company’s culture.

Target Participant: Mid Career

Course Starts: March 8
Locations: Southeast Michigan or West Michigan
Applications Due:
March 1

Just Released

In support of our commitment to accelerating the careers of Next Gen leaders, Meet Them features pairs of high level and rising professionals tackling a variety of important subjects from both their shared and individual perspectives. Our goal is to uncover ways we all can succeed and learn from each other.

Meet Them
Episode 9

Barriers to Career Success with Jill Dark & Thao Lai

Upcoming Events

Women of Inforum@CES2023

Women of Inforum@CES2023 will be hosted by Magna and Celanese to connect talented women and men within the automotive and other tech-reliant industries.

This event will showcase and support the work of Inforum, a nonprofit dedicated to accelerating the careers of women and building talent initiatives at companies.

You must be a registered CES attendee to attend this event.

January 6, 2023
4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, Nevada

Learning Lab: Effective Meetings

Ineffective meetings cost organizations anywhere from $70-283 billion each year. The shift from in-person to virtual meetings has highlighted the need for effective meetings. This session will provide you with tools, tips, and information to help you lead meetings that engage others to move your initiatives forward. Enhance your credibility as a leader that can lead effective meetings.

In this lab, you will:

  • Identify different meeting types and how to correctly implement
  • Effectively manage group dynamics
  • Improve meeting planning, preparation, and follow up

February 14, 2023
8:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.

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