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Authentic Leadership Presence

The idea of authentic presence goes beyond technical skills and leadership competencies. It’s about knowing how to leverage the power of reputation and perception – and be seen as a leader by others. Wielding influence takes more than just a job title – It requires the ability to show up and be heard.

Authentic Leadership Presence™ links the mastery of authentic presence to your company’s values and culture. For women, this program provides the strategies to personally define and demonstrate authentic leadership. For companies, it accelerates career development and improves retention of top female talent.

Target Participant: Mid Career

Course Starts: October 3
Locations: In-Person (Lansing)
Applications Due:
September 26

Executive Leadership

Executive Leadership is for high-achieving women with the talent and drive to assume more senior and influential roles and prepare to move into the executive ranks. Research shows that career progression often stalls for women at middle management, narrowing a company’s pipeline of top leadership and diverse talent.

Target Participant: Mid Career

Course Starts: September 26
Locations: In-Person (Southeast Michigan)
Applications Due:
September 26


Next4Vets, one of the few programs designed with women Veterans in mind, provides a confidential forum to help them clarify career objectives and communicate their assets in order to leverage them in the corporate world.

We tap into a powerful network of successful women veterans in company leadership roles eager to offer support.

Participants will identify and formulate individual development plans to strengthen their genuine presence within the context of their personal leadership styles and respective company culture.

Target Participant: Female Veterans (all career levels)

Course Starts: January 24
Locations: Virtual
Applications Due:
January 17

Just Released

In support of our commitment to accelerating the careers of Next Gen leaders, Meet Them features pairs of high level and rising professionals tackling a variety of important subjects from both their shared and individual perspectives. Our goal is to uncover ways we all can succeed and learn from each other.

Meet Them
Episode 9

Barriers to Career Success with Jill Dark & Thao Lai

Upcoming Events


Did you know October is Discover Manufacturing month? Join us October 11th to discover manufacturing in a whole new way! We will have panelists from local manufacturers talking about manufacturing from an ESG perspective – highlighting best practices in their organizations.

We will also share case studies from manufacturers who have had success in implementing ESG into current operations, how you get started and companies at different parts in their journey. We will answer the question ‘How do you innovate part of your process vs the competing goal of delivering something that is more sustainable’ as these ideas can compete against each other.

October 11, 2023
7:30 – 9:30 AM
The Pinnacle Center, Hudsonville, or Virtual

Virtual Lab: Developing Your Personal Brand & Voice for Social Media Networking

What is Branding? Branding is a fancy word for how you communicate what’s important to you and why.

Andrea Walker-Leidy will share her personal story of finding balance between professional and personal brand building while guiding participants through an exercise to discover their own personal brand. You will walk away with inspiration (and a few tips and tools!) to share with social media communities you want to connect with.

October 13, 2023
9:00 – 10:30 AM

West Michigan HealthcareNEXT

How to manage your stress like an ER doctor

How often do you describe your life as “Crazy Busy”?  Even take some pride in it? Here’s the truth: when you’re running around in “Crazy Busy Mode,” you’re simply harming your ability to handle the “Busy.” Hear from an ER doctor on ways to manage being busy and even thrive.  We’ll also hear about experiences and tips from colleagues. You can be as busy as an ER doctor – without feeling “Crazy Busy.”

October 13, 2023
7:30 – 9:30 AM
Steelcase, Grand Rapids

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